Pumpkin Pie Pre-Order
Freshly made pumpkin pies will be available for pick-up-only November 24th through November 28th for $19 per pie.
Minimum of 4-days lead-time.  So, for example, if you order on 11/23, the first date available for you will be the 27th.
Three ways to order:
1) Pre-order/pay in-person at NHM Bakery
2) Call us at 616.551.1713 x6 to pre-order/pay 
3) Order online.  To pre-order online, see below:  
To order online:
1.) Read these instructions all the way through first, then click the link below
2.) Once the link is clicked, choose takeout and the date and time you want to pick-up; the date you choose when you click the link must be from Sunday 11/24 up through & including Thanksgiving Day on 11/28.  
3.) On the left pane choose "pies and cakes" and click the pumpkin pie.    
4.) Click here to start your order by following the directions above.