Frequently asked questions

Where do you deliver?

We deliver catering throughout most of Kent County. If, when on our catering delivery website, it tells you we dont deliver to your address, please let us know by writing and let's talk about it! We'd be glad to consider expanding the catering delivery zone.

What are your catering delivery hours?

Monday through Friday from 630AM to 2PM. Would you like us to deliver during more hours than that? Please let us know! We'd really appreciate that sort of feedback. Write us at

What kinds of food do you cater?

We are initially focusing on breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday with a menu consisting of our housemade baked goods, sandwiches and salads. See our catering offering here. Do you want us to expand to more types of food? Is there something you really need to be catered that we're not offering? Please let us know! Write us at

Why do some items have long lead times?

In short, because we care about quality. So many places unpack a box from their freezer with muffins made who-knows-where by who-knows-who. We make everything from scratch onsite by our own team. Croissants can take a while when they're done correctly. We love our croissant sandwiches too and we wish we could make more of them faster (and we might be able to sooner or later as we continue to test new procedures in our environment), but for now it takes a few days to prepare for a large order. Other items that are easier to produce without sacrificing quality can be prepared with very little lead time. In any event, thanks for supporting us in our quest to serve you good food and please plan ahead when needed!

Do you charge a delivery fee?

There is no delivery fee for catering for those areas closer to downtown. We collect a small fee (max $5) for further out locations.